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We are an organisation that believes that you need to be prepared by having the correct bespoke documentation and exercise using your documents. The NCSC states, "Organisations must test and practice their response to crisis, including cyber-attacks". We have credible experience working in the MOD, British Military, Military Intelligence, Military Cyber, Government Signals Intelligence, and Big 4 Cyber Resilience. We will provide you with the tools and training to help lift the fog when the inevitable happens. We use the OODA loop (Observe, Orient, Decide, Act) approach to help you prepare, respond, and recover to Incidents and Crisis. Our training will help you move quickly to the most appropriate decision, while also understanding that changes are inevitable as further information becomes available.

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We will provide you with a full suite of documents bespoke to your organisation, which will be practical and useful during an incident or crisis.

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We offer bespoke crisis exercises specialising in cyber incidents. We have had practice over the last two years of running our exercises fully remote.

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Threat Hunting

Restricted Access Targeted Attack Discovery will be valuable if you are concerned about attacks directed towards your organisation and your industry.

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We cannot thank Restricted Access enough, for the Pro bono work they have carried out, both on our Cyber Incident Response Documentation and in our new and bespoke Cyber Crisis exercising programme. Our cyber maturity now leaves us with less sleepless nights.

Thank you, Restricted Access, for your input into our new Cyber Transformation programme. Your free consulting has meant that we can spend more money on what we were sent up to do; with higher confidence that we will know how to handle a cyber-attack.

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